Stainless Steel Crowns

Preserving your childs baby teeth for a better set of permanent teeth

In some cases when a filling cannot be used to repair broken or decayed teeth, we may have to use a stainless steel crown to fix them.

Saving Your Child’s Tooth Is Our Priority

Stainless Steel CrownsSometimes cavities are not caught early enough and there is just not enough tooth in order to use a filling to save it.  A stainless steel crown can save a tooth and prevent the risk of pain and infection.  Stainless steel can last a long time and serves quite well for the life of your child’s baby teeth.  This type of crown helps to keep the tooth and root intact until the loss of that tooth occurs naturally.

Stainless Steel Crowns Are Used When:

  • The tooth is broken so severely that a filling will not work for a repair
  • The teeth are decayed to the point there is not enough tooth structure
  • To prevent breakage of the tooth as part of the nerve has been removed

A crown can usually be placed in just one appointment.  We will shape the tooth to receive the crown and then we will trim the stainless steel crown to fit tightly over the prepped tooth.  The crown is cemented into place.  The crowned tooth will usually fall out when it is time for the permanent teeth to come in.

There are no restrictions to your child’s daily activities.  We encourage your child to brush right away after getting a crown in order to promote faster healing.  Your child should also avoid between meal sweets and resist eating hard and sticky foods as they can damage the crown.