Dental Sealants and Varnishes For Prevention

Don't let bacteria and decay get an early start. It can be prevented.

Dental sealants and varnishes are a front line defense against bacteria and decay.  It is a wise choice that will save you time and money in the dental office.

Dental Sealants For Prevention of Cavities And Decay

dental sealants for childrens teethIf you are looking for a way to prevent tooth decay and cavities in your children, then dental sealants is the perfect way to do this. The purpose of sealants is to provide a shield against bacteria, food particles, plaque, and acids. This prevents harmful bacteria and decay from growing in the grooves of your child’s teeth. This minimizes the chances of your child developing greater and more serious problems in the future.

Dental sealants are made from a thin plastic coating that is either white in color or clear. The dental hygienist will paint the sealant into the grooves of your teeth. This prevents bacteria and food particles from getting in the tiny grooves of your child’s teeth where decay can begin.

The procedure is quick, easy and painless. There is no need to remove any of the tooth’s structure. That means there is no shots and no drilling. The tooth will be cleaned and a gel applied to the chewing surface of the tooth and then washed off. After that, the sealant is painted on to the tooth. A bright curing light is used to help harden the sealant which takes approximately one minute.

Opting for sealants is a safe, painless and cost-effective method which can institute a line of defense against oral decay and bacteria. Sealants also can last a long time before needing reapplication.

The purpose of sealants is provide a shield against bacteria, food particles, plaque and acids. This prevents harmful bacteria and decay from growing around your teeth.

If you need dental sealants for your child’s teeth and you want to protect them from decay and bacteria, they give us a call today we will be glad to help.