Fluoride Treatment For A Healthier Smile

Knowing how much fluoride your child needs can help them with better oral health

Your child is exposed to more fluoride than you may be aware of.  An exam by the doctor can help determine how much your child needs in order to have the best oral health.

Fluoride Treatment For Optimum Oral Health

fluoride treatment shreveport bossier kidsFluoride treatments have been shown to be beneficial to your child’s teeth. However, too little or too much fluoride can be detrimental to your child’s teeth. Not having enough fluoride will prevent your child’s teeth from being strong enough to resist cavities. Too much fluoride can cause discoloration in the permanent teeth.

Fluoride treatments help to strengthen the tea, and they are especially important for children with developing teeth. These treatments may be recommended for children with in adequate access to fluoride in their environment or those which may have unusually soft teeth.

Sometimes, children are exposed to fluoride more than the parents think. This is why you need to make sure that your children are seeing the dentist on a regular basis. We can then help you determine whether your child needs more fluoride or less fluoride depending on the condition of their teeth.

We will work with you to determine just how much your child will need in order to achieve the absolute best result for them. If it is determined that your child needs fluoride, then we will discuss the treatment plan in depth with you so you can gain a full understanding of what needs to be done in order for your child to have the best oral health.